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Wow, I don't post that often on ASC; however I really wish I had seen this thread earlier. Some of the openning posts in this thread really rubbed me the wrong way.

For those who are blaming the current attitudes, and types of players in the sport as a reason that they are quiting I call BS. There are those that have had little to no contact with the airsoft community long before its transition. I realize the sport has changed, but I know there are supposed "veteran" airsoft players who disappeared long before that.

Also since there are those who are "veteran" airsoft players, who have been around since this site started, who complain about the direction of the community maybe if you had taken a larger hand in organizing games and providing direction for newer players maybe it would be more acceptable to you now. A portion of those new players some of you apparently can't stand are in fact helping run the show now, which is alot more useful than posting on a forum!

I may be ranting, and this post definitely isn't directed at all of those old time players who are disappearing; but for those old cantankerous veterans who only post on ASC and think they are so important to the community, maybe you can stop complaining and actually have a hand in the sport again instead of just criticizing it.

Savage Haggis I commend you on calling out these individuals.
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