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" Originally Posted by Amazing KG3 View Post
What about the oldest and most "experienced" of them all. Greylocks? Old news but hes claimed to be in this shit more than any of us."

When did I claim that? I am not the oldest here, just among that age group. I am not the most experienced here, I can name several folks who know FAR more than I do like Lynch, Poncho, Agit, and more.
What I do know a lot about are real guns, but that means nothing for airsoft.

Yes, I am doing a bit of resurrection. It's what happens when you cant say anything for 3 months.

To answer part of the original question: I intended to start playing again after many years of not being able to for reasons of time/money. Then other shit happened. So now I must simply return to collecting airsoft guns I like until Real Life changes again.

Why did I post so much? Because I seem to be able to spot problems when they show up. Reading the FAQ seems to be a purgatory test, being told to read it is a crime that results in being banned. I'll let the rest of you guys hit your heads against the brick walls. There's more than enough of those showing up every day.
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