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10 x AGM MP 40 50rds Magazine USD$100.00
1 x King Arms XL size BB loader - Black USD$12.00
2 x Tokyo Marui AUG 80 rds Magazine USD$40.00
1 x Star L85/M16 30rds Magazine Set (10psc) USD$45.00
1 x SAS 3 Point Multi-Purpose Tactical Sling (OD) USD$18.00
1 x Standard Straight sling ( Black ) USD$9.00
2 x AUG Rubber Pad USD$30.00
1 x Tokyo Marui AUG 330 rds Magazine USD$33.00

Billing Information

Billing Address
Russ Howe

Payment Method
Sub-Total: USD$287.00
International Parcel Post - Air(Except USA) 7 - 10 days (Delivery to CA): USD$87.95
Total: USD$374.95
Here is my last order. I just threw away the box, but when they give you a tracking number, it works in the Canada Post site and ends in HK, so I assume they use Hong Kong Post. The shipping is high, but one of the reasons for that is that I am impatient and select the fastest method possible. On my last $100 order, I think the expedited shipping was $50, so I figured I ended up paying $15 a mag, which was okay by me.

I will probably be ordering some more stuff soon, so when I get to the shipping options page, I will copy it and paste it on this thread.

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