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Originally Posted by Kos-Mos View Post

I checked around to ge the materials to make one... very hard to get here in Canada. Down in the states, it would just be an affair of 15 min. Not worth the time AND MONEY for the result it gives. Plus the risk of it taking fire...
A couple years ago I phoned some garden shop here in Calgary and asked the guy if he had any potassium nitrate, he told me he did. I went down to get some of it, told the guy it was for a science project, and he gave me 5 pounds of it for FREE. I still have lot's of it left.

Also you don't need to cook the stuff, you can just make a 60/40 mix of KNO3 and sugar respectively, stick a fuse-or some other way of lighting it-into the mix, and light it up.

You can also make fuses by taking some of your 60/40 mix, throw in some water until you have a nice kinda pasty crap, and then soak some wool in it. Let it dry over night, and you'll have a nice cheap fuse.

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