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Originally Posted by Renegade) View Post
Buying a crap gun will got give you any support or idea of what a real airsoft gun can do.. The one you mention is BARELY a step up from wallmart/CT soft air and you cant play with it on the field..
True dat son. Dont get the Crossman. Ive gotten 2 R74s in my airsoft career, and each of their gearboxes failed after short and regular use. I thought because they were full metal they'd be reliable, but the second one I got, (figuring the first was just a rare defect), had the same problem right out of the box. Just winding motor, but not moving piston. Something wrong with the gears, but I'd rather just return it and get my money back than go in there and possibly fuck it up to the point of no return...

So just do not get one. If moneys an issue, save up and buy Classic Army. Cant go wrong with Classic Army.
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