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I'd recommend just saving up any getting Shoei's MG42, building airsoft guns from the ground up is a bitch... Always at least like 10 times ahrder than you think its going to be. Better off buying like a professionally made one. I say I would recommend that, but it sounds like you really want semi-auto. kinda weird considering the 42 or 34 were primarily mounted support weapons, but like, is full auto airsof tillegal in Canada or somethin? If it is, man, like for once Im actually glad I live in the US...

and yeah gas for the shoei would cost mucho...
Plus it doesnt really look that good with a hose coming out of your gun, and going to a big can you gots to carry around. Thats why I never liked Escort's M60 line. Yeah its dank that its blowback, and it looks so realistic & cool, but you gotta carry around a huge fuckin tank with you. I guess I could live with it if I were manning it like dug-in and on a tripod, like it didnt have to be mobile, but still, itd be weird. Like paintball. And any internal reserve on a support weapon would be used up in a few seconds, so thatd be pointless. Better off sticking with electric... but then youd have to build your own...

i dunno. I just wouldnt get a 42. Get some other support weapon that someone actually manufactures. Itll be cheaper & more qualiticious.
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