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Smile airsoft player moving to canada soon

heya guys, im erwin, 20 years old, from indonesia, im moving to toronto in less than a month.

soo, im thinking to bring along my BDUs, boots, vests, helmets, googles, and maybe my scopes too, do you think it will be a problem at the airport?

and i heard that getting into airsoftgun is really difficult around this time in canada. dunno, its just im a newcomer and i dont want to get into any trouble, so if you guys have some advice or anything please let me know.

if some of you guys have msn and dont mind to chat with me about airsoft, please let me know your address via PM, coz i think i want to know more about airsoftgun in canada, especially about what to do & what not to do.

will try to get my age verified as soon as i get there, and sorry if my english is kinda messy

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