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Hey Skruface, You dont need 800$ to have a competitive/professional gun, i bought an ak 47 that shoots 370 fps with a .20 and its made up of steel( not including butt fore grip and clip) And the gun was only 200$ in canada!
It seems you don't understand what I wrote (I never said you needed an $800 gun), so I'll quote myself:

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You'll need $800-1000 minimum to even be competitive. Your gun, battery, charger, extra mags, and ammo will eat up most of that budget. Just be sure to spend quality money on 2 things - boots and eye protection. IMHO those 2 things are more important than the gun itself. You can still have fun with a "lesser" gun - you won't have as much fun missing an eye of with a broken ankle....
$800 for a gun, eye protection, boots, charger, extra mags, and ammo. Assuming you don't buy crap, goggles will run you in the $50 range or more, good boots will be over $100 and as much as $300 (unless you buy surplus boots, in which case your feet will hate you), mags are gonna cost you at least $100, and a charger is gonna be $50 or more.

Just because it has a higher out-of-the-box velocity and a cast pot-metal body (steel body? I doubt it for $200) doesn't make it "professional" quality. Let me ask you this - how many airsoft guns have you owned in order to make your opinion on what airsoft "quality" is valid? How many have you repaired? Will this "steel" gun of yours still be running in another 5 years after 100,000 rounds or so, without replacing ANY parts between now and then? I know my plastic TM M4 will, and all I did was drop in metal bushings.....
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That was a very bad move on your behalf. Sort of like cutting off your foot for money, but not getting the money first and then letting the person with the money run away.
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