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Originally Posted by flashdude View Post
But it says they ship to Canada shouldn't that mean that they can?
Tell ya what. I'll write on my website that I can ship any airsoft you want from Japan. And in fact, I will certainly ship it, that's the honest truth. If you will RECEIVE it... well, that's a different can of worms buddy-boy.

Let's see how the world works here....

Company X advertises they ship to any country. That doesn't necessarily mean that the person who ordered the item will actually receive it. Why? Because there are customs that the product needs to pass through.

So yea, tell ya what, send me money, I'll take a chequ, and make it out to my nickname, 'Cash', and then I'll ship you guns from Japan. Heck, I'll pay the shipping. If you need my address, let me know.
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