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Originally Posted by GreyFox132 View Post
hi im a new member here and am very interested in the whole air soft game. I was wondering if there were any good Canadian online retailers or any other retailers that can ship to Canada?
Ive checked out a few sites but none of the Canadian sites have any cheaper guns like Both Elephant. The Air soft I'm specifically looking for is the Both Elephant sl8
can any one help ?

Anyway, the OP posted an ambigous question. No, you cannot import guns from other countries if you are in Canada. However, you can freely ship guns inside the country since there are no municipal/provincial border agencies. Just another reason to get age verified to be able to buy from other members.

Oh, and FBI? You might get a letter from the CBSA or another federal entity, but I doubt the 4chan party van would go extraterritorial on your ass.

Be warned, you will find nothing that compares to some of the cheaper, much more crappy replicas on airsplat in Canada.

Also, be 18 or over.
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