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Get a Mosfet! the fet itself can be made watertigh with a bit of sealing silicone (like in your bathroom, around your bath) The motor can run completely submerged (yes I tried it, in fact I run my new motor in water + alcool for 3 minutes.... help shaping new brushes)

Battery can be made watertight too with the help of the same silicone. everything else, just clean-up a bit after... that is all

You really don't want to immerse a motor in water. The armature plates are a mild steel which rusts up pretty fast. Ferrite magnets also corrode quickly. If you've got an aftermarket motor you'll probably rust up the bearings too. DC motors really aren't meant for water immersion.
I usually agree with you, but I have been doing this for about 5 years now... NEVER had any problems.

Rust will not be a problem. I don't know if it's just me that's hysteric, but I actually open my motor and mechbox when I do a clean-up of my AEGs. Open, remove rubber and sensitive parts, spray with some brake cleaner. Wipe away extra stuff left over, lube the parts that need it (gears, piston, bushings) and put everything together. Takes about 1 hour, but I am sure everything is in top shape.

When I have to run the motor in water, there is a reason:

If the commutator is too scratched, I send it on the tour so it comes back shinny. I also cut or change the brushes if they are worn down. I then run the moto on low voltage (2v-3v)in water + alcool solution to place the brushes to the commutator (They never are really in perfect contact when new. Low voltage allow the brushes to be fit to the commutator without arking, and water + alcool keeps the motor clean and cold.) Finally, a lot of brake cleaning spray (Wurks brand...or something like that) and 2 drops of Trinity royal oil on the bearings. You need oxygen to create rust. 3 minutes is not enought to scrap an armature.
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