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On a more serious note, I've fallen out of active Airsofting less because of the change in the community, but more because of changes in my personal life. As I get older, my priorities change, my time becomes more valuable, and Airsoft as both a hobby and as an activity no longer commands the commitment I can garner to make it worthwhile.

I got into Airsoft at just the right time - after finishing my undergraduate degree and beginning my professional studies. It was a great way for me to mingle with friends, exercise my mental acuity beyond academics, together with a healthy dose of immaturity, boisterousness, and simulation combat.

I too, reminisce with Phalanix upon the days at FR, Wasaga, London, Area 51 and Deadlands. The fact, however, that an enjoyable gaming day requires a significant time investment has pushed the cost-benefit balance into less encouraging territory and is now entirely unconvincing for me. Although I admit that logistics for Airsoft gaming hasn't changed, my perception of time has. If only there were a way to play conveniently and flexibly; when such a solution is available, I'll certainly dig up my old gear and join the party.

Phalanix / Peter - I think the person you refer is named Samson. Octane94, Kato, and Samson were always together. Samson used a PSG-1, if I recall correctly.

Did Meta ever assemble that 'old-timers' game?
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