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Originally Posted by TheRealWaldo View Post
I'll volunteer as the 'ship to' and keep track of counts for the Calgary region if there is no objections. I will wait a few days (or perhaps a week?) before ordering. Once received I can (and will) be at Trek (common airsofters location) once a week, sometimes twice for them to be grabbed.

Post here if you're in the Calgary area:

Thanks for your help, but I'd rather not set up regional distribution for areas that large. If you've got some immediate friends to put a group order together with, that works well as the gauges would get to the end user pretty fast. Provincial distribution would make me send a lot of gauges to one spot based on a loose estimate which would have me committing a lot of parts to an area which might not need that many or to distribution which may be slow.

Game organizers are particularly good candidates for group distribution. They have exposure to a lot of players on a regular basis and they're in touch with their local players.
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