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Originally Posted by Luckyorwhat View Post
Those are Quebec rules, not Canada. Quebec is more like Communist Russia than a free country, in that respect. Come to Alberta where you can keep your rifle behind your seat so long as your coat is over it.
Then again, Calgary isn't close to one of the hottest hotspots for gun crimes.
Unfortunately, wanksters deal illegal guns from TO to MTL from the states. As time proved unforgiving, gun related crimes & suicides has been a problem as well, so the government is trying to restrict the accessibility to weapons.

Now you might think Quebec is Communist Russia (even the commies never really restricted gun use or possession), but I'd like to think that I do prefer a system that does try to limit the number of dumb asses running around with guns. It's not the gun that kills, but the person... mankind ain't perfect so lets try to save ourselves from ourselves. /rant Although Dark Angel makes a point, I like cuddling my launchers ...

Having a PAL issued even for airsoft would give us an edge over the criminals. How? It's like propaganda, we follow the rules, the government acknowledges our existence, and when everything goes bad, only the criminals take the blame, not our hobby - note that this applies to illegal purchases related to gun crimes. A registry would also help in the pure foundations of our sport, like organizing a pan Canadian game in solidarity, to raise funds for a cause or even competition (kind of like in Italy where it is recognized as a sport). It would also provide an informative approach for those interested, since all government handled permits come with instructions of sorts, as well as rules and guide lines (FPS restriction).

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