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Originally Posted by losttourist View Post
having recently gone camping i had a bit of trouble using the "new" coleman propane tanks on my old coleman stove. I had to really jam it into the stove connection to get it to work. I had a couple of the old propane tanks that worked no problem. So it seems its not only your product that is suffering from the change. I thank you for your continued support of your excellent product.
Actually, I bought a new portable BBQ about two months ago and notcied all my propane bottles (the Coleman ones) are a bastard to fit into the regulator even just to begin the threads. Sadly, I have to say I think 90% of the ones around here are the bastard types since I've run about 12 bottles through it so far with the same problem. At least my adaptor for airsoft has better results. Priorities, eh?
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