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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Way to go Carl! I've noticed over the past couple years that the two adaptors I had (both the first gen and now have what, the fourth?) would be difficult to remove from the tank for transport. I used a fine file and filed the edges of the bottom and that greatly increased the ease of use.

Anyways, my real point is, I don't suppose you thought ahead with the bore gauge by making it keychain compatible? I firmly assume you did. Heck, funny would be to polish it up nice and shiney and disguise it as "airsoft bling" to put on a neck chain. Lol
I considered making a keychain gauge. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good economical keychain solution into production quick enough. I'm hoping I don't get sunk with postage costs as it is.

Early V4 adaptors had a ridge around the the bottom of the probe. This was a retention feature for V1, V2, V3 to hold the probe in the bottle so it wouldn't fall out the front of the bottle fitting. Partway through V4 production I realized the feature wasn't necessary b/c of the one piece design so I removed it from the V4 design.

The current V5 design has an internal spring so you don't have to fight the spring when screwing the bottle fitting on. It wasn't very hard to compress, but it does make the adaptor that little bit easier to use.

I have modified my V5 adaptor injection moulds to include a gauging feature as part of the adaptor. It would address my concerns that users would lose their gauges. It also would serve to remind users to gauge their tanks as it'd always be handy when an adaptor is installed to a tank.

The timing of this issue is really crummy. If I had realized that problematic tanks were still being produced I could have included the feature in the mould. Instead my product launch was delayed with a inelegant workaround and mould rework costs.
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