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From my experience in HK selling on ebay (roughly 900 packages shipped during my stay there) the delivery timeframe varried a lot. The post office tells you 5-10 business days however it depends on where you live (living in a big city tends to get you mail faster) and how lucky you are. I shipped to North America, South America, Europe and Asia and delivery timeframes differed from 3 business days up to 1.5months. Chances are they are shipping items within 1-2 business days and it's the post office that is being slow.

It also depends on what time you placed your order. Hong Kong post offices don't accept bulk mailing after 4pm and even if they post it at 4pm its most likely the items wont leave the station until the next day. Which... adds another business day, and if you miss the friday cutoff it makes the wait seem even longer because everyone always expects the mail to move on weekends... which it does to a certain extent.

Also, the 5-10 business days delivery time they state does not include customs processing time.
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