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Important Product Advisory: Some Coleman propane tanks not compatible with AI PA

Sorry for the acronym: Airsoft Innovations Propane Adaptor, AI PA

The forum software doesn't allow me to put in the title I want.

Some time ago we noted a change in Coleman propane tanks which caused problems with propane adaptors. It was difficult to trace the cause of the issue as the problems were very sporadic. Few tanks presented serious issues.

Unfortunately Coleman has released a significant number of problematic propane tanks this year so this issue has become pressing.

If you use a metal Airsoft Innovations propane adaptor of ANY version please send us your mailing address to: for a free tank gauging tool. This gauging tool is a simple bore gauge which can be used to detect defective propane tanks before you purchase them.

Please visit this page for further information:

Current version adaptors come with this tank gauge but users of previous version adaptors are strongly encouraged to contact us for a free bore gauge.

*revision 070723*

prompted by Branson: If you've got access to machinery tool supply, you can also use the shank end on a #26 drill bit. It has a diameter of 0.147" which is the same as my tank gauges.

*revision 070719*

Manchovie will be bringing up some tank gauges to the big Rawdon game this weekend. He'll hand them to the game orgs for distribution. Please do not take a gauging tool if you've already ordered one as it's probably in the mail now.

*revision 070718*

It would be a great help to me if players could get together and place group orders for bore gauges. If you and your team (or fight club) frequently play at the same games a grouped shipment of gauges could be made to help me out with logistics. Please include the following text in your email to

Group order leader: Gauges will be shipped to this person
Group order destination: Shipping destination
Number of gauges requested: Number of individuals needing a gauge
Want nearly free GBB gas?

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