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Originally Posted by Phalanix View Post
I've made a couple threads similar to yours awhile back... not many people responded to it and it got lost somewhere on ASC. *lol*

Airsoft IS different now than compared to a few years ago, I think Skruface, Scarecrow, Bravo, etc. summed it up pretty nicely.

What can I say? I guess I can say.... I miss playing with people like:
- Tru (yes, OMG, he used to play!)
- Quaestor
- Tomalok
- Hype
- ILLusion
Wow, I made the list at #2 after Tru? I'm so moved! I miss you too Peter!!!

BTW, this thread has convinced me to quit too. I feel like moving to California. I wonder if they have any airsoft fields there.
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