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Originally Posted by Agit-Prop View Post
holy shit tom posted
run to the fucking hills!
but anywho; I've got to admit. back when I played on WAR, you knew everyone that you were playing with. I went out last year, I think I knew what? six, maybe seven faces out of the thirty + guys that showed up? whenever I showed up to FR games that is. it personally takes alot for me to start talking to someone. I tend to get annoyed by stupid people very quickly.
as well; I've tended to notice this alot more over the last two years. when someone that has a join date earlier or a bit after mine generally says they're attending a game; they're actually going to fucking attend and not bail because of some bullshit that you should have very well known was going to occur WEEKS ahead of time.
now I know I"m not one to make very many games. in fact, this year alone I've probably played more games then I had in the two previous years combined. but when I do say I'm going to make it to a game, I will make it.
but anywho; all the guys that have serious legit posts in here have pretty much said everything and I feel no need to repeat.
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