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Difference between pressing the Up or Down arrow on the real EOTech is the auto shutoff feature. Down will shut off in 4 hours and Up will do it in 8. Pressing either will still turn on the unit. It will set itself at the mid brightness level (12). There is no auto brightness feature in either one of my 552 or 553. mcguyver, what model do you have that carries this feature?

From what I have seen from the 1 Hurricane and 1 no name replica that was sent to me for a lense protector, they are somewhat similar in diamensions to the real units. A lense protector made for a real EOTech will not fit on the replicas. The replicas were slightly shorter and wider compared to the EOTech version.

It's fancy to choose between a red or green reticle on the replicas but I don't see myself using the green reticle outdoors.

Major drawback in the replicas is the glass used. It's not flat and no anti-glare coating like on the real EOTechs. The reticle can be distorted when seen near the corners of the window and having a refraction on the HUD window is distracting.

Still a decent buy for anyone on a budget but loves the look of the EOTech on their gun.
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