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Airsoft innovation! Causing problems? Or Fixing them?

Okay. Hey everyone.

First off, I'd like to say.. I'm a gas gun owner. I love them, and the realism. I own a Gas Beretta, all Metal, 350 fps out of the box, hop up, the works.

Anyway.. Airsoft is now taking a turn for the better as I see it.

Some sites are not selling gas anymore.. Why you ask?

Simply because it's too expensive to keep on importing gas! Look at it guys! It's domestic propane with added silicone oil! What a waste of money!

So.. Now these sites are selling Propane adapters. The adapters fit on propane cans, (not the tanks) that you would fit onto your portable propane grill. These tanks are about 1/3 BIGGER than regular airsoft Green Gas, AND cheaper. About 4 dollars per can.

Now, I'm not trying to get you to buy into this crap.. But it's a great investment. Just buy a little bottle of silicone oil, lube your gun now and then.. And once you run out of gas - No more wait. Get in your car and go to the HARDWARE store. Yes, they sell propane cans EVERYWHERE.

Look on for the stuff under the "Ammo, BBs, and Gas" section if you're that interested.


To my question. Now.. Domestic propane does NOT have added silicone oil to lube your gun as you shoot. The lazymans way is not for this method.

So.. One of two things I can do. Buy silicone SPRAY.. Or 100% silicone with added oil.

Now.. 100% Silicone oil is quite hard to find and expensive. The Silicone spray you can find ANYWHERE they sell propane per se.

In the Silicone spray, there's an additive.. Not sure what for.. But it's called "Patroleum Dissolates".

HORRIBLE for plastic applicants. Corrodes and eats away at it.

But.. Here's the thing! I have a metal Beretta. I'm not sure if it has many moving plastic parts or not.. And considering it's not Steel, like most metal would come to mind as.. It's Alluminum.

I was just wondering what people though, and hopefully you'll think about the top section.

Thanks alot for reading this far.. I know I wouldn't.
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