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This tells us one of two things:

-The issue of minors obtaining airsoft guns is only worsening.

or possibly (and likely)

-Some people, even of legal age, differ very little from boys in their early teens.

Originally Posted by madlz
why do soome ppl have 25 round magz in ther reviews and mines says 21? wtf? =P
Originally Posted by madlz
goddamit lol. i duno if feels kinda fakish im lookin forward to that upgrade of the metal slide...did you read my PM illusion? And i have the Standard not the compact so what is going on there is also this stupid silver rod when you pull back the slide which makes the front of the gun (when barrel facing you) look gay because its the only silver peice there.. is it safe to color it black or spray paint it black?
Originally Posted by madlz
yea man its a sick gun eh anderson seems pretty good too they got some shit in stock like the ksc is in stock and its like 30 bucks cheaper than wut i paid at 007airsoft. if u need ne help wit ur gun i finally got a lotta info so i know it pretty good not well but good enuff
I'd love to see retailers denying sales to people they felt weren't responsible enough to own and utilize an airsoft gun safely. That won't be happening anytime soon though.

(By the way, my G&P M4 was purchased off of Ken when I was only 17, go figure)
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