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Originally Posted by Meegari View Post
If you still are dying for a p99 but are willing to sacrice not using it in games , you can get the CP99 pellet gun for around $190. Or even a CP sport for around $130. Can only use it for target practice but it is so much fun to shoot

where can i find these?

goto for dealers like the most excellent MrMarvin (toronto) and others that you can find in your area

stores that i can remember off hand lebarons, sir mailorder, specialty shooting sports. Anyhow on that forum there is a sub forum called "Where to buy in Canada" Remeber you have to be over 18 to buy and treat it like a real gun, so read the Canadian gun laws for where/where not to shoot and gun storage. The Co2 guns can kill ppl/animals instantly so treat your gun with respect.

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