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Looking for a p99, new to the forum.

HI all, I stumbled across thos fantastic place while researching a walther p99 airsoft gun I was going to purchase on ebay , luckily for me I did ,I had asked the seller if it would be ok shipping the black airsoft gun to canada(he is in the states) and said no problem ive shipped these to canada dozens of times it wont be an issue, well after finding this site it is obviously an issue so thanks for having this information available to the newbies and saving me my money...kudos

Now that being said Ive seen some great walther p99's on the site especially the one made by maruzen, does anyone know of anyone here in canada that I can either get the maruzen p99 with silencer or the black airsoft p99 with extra kit? I know the site here asks for verification thats fine with me, im in calgary so if I could be pointed the right direction that would be great, who knows you guys might even get me hooked on this airsoft sounds like you guys have a lot of fun!!!
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