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Airsofter as a model, favour needed !, A airsofters face on Kicks media

Ok guys, this is the deal. Sounds like a stupid favour I know, but this is going big, and funny, for the Swedish airsoft community:, here's the link if you don't believe me.
Anyway, the goal is to make Walle, a Swedish airsofter, win the competition, so his face is shown on the front cover of a Swedish magazine called KICKS. The winner become a model for the day simply said. He's now on third place with all his votes from the Swedish community, and we'd love your help. If you klick on the link and let the page load, you will see his face on the top ten, you can't miss it because he is wearing a german military helmet. He stands out among the crowd. Just look for an airofter ! When you found him, please vote ten.

Please spread this out so we can make airsoft win in the model industry !
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