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Wow.... Maybe you should write and how-to guide, if you do so eMail it to me.
the reason why i practice this is because i sometimes find myself hesitating and sort of semi-panic when i spot a tango. a few times i've fumbled with my gun trying to my best to aim only to miss and get spotted giving the tango time to take cover.
i realized i was taking too much time aiming. so i made it a point to practice quick aiming and shooting.
the drill honestly improved my game a lot. nowadays it seems that IF and when i spot a tango first within range i manage to pick him off most of the time compared to very seldom before the drills. my RDS helps(both eyes open ofcourse), i don't know if i can do this without it.

what i do is i place targets at different distances beyond a corner. i take cover behind the corner a distance away. i practice running to the corner, taking cover for a second, then i peek while drawing my gun AND aiming with the intent to break off a single shot. Idealy as soon as the gun is level you should have already acquired a target and have the RED DOT on it, ONCE the red dot is on target break off a shot immediately.
i do 2 variations, gun drawn from below ready position, you know, gun pointing down, and one drawn from above, like when the gun is beside your face when taking cover in corners. BIG DIFFERENCE with both. drawn from below takes more time because the muzzle travels a longer sweep upwards but DOESN'T obstruct your view when you break cover, meaning you have more time to survey(quickly ofcourse, less than a second idealy) the target zone. Plus, it's easier to place the RED DOT where you intend it to, again idealy as you end the upward travel of the muzzle as you aim. remember that all this happens in one smooth motion, shouldn't take more than a second or two. I find this works better for me.
Drawn from above, near the face, is a lot faster, but there is a split second where the gun can and will obstruct your view, so this is riskier overall for me.
others who have mastered their guns may find this easier.
forgot to mention, i just shoot one target at a time per "breaking cover", at first. when i get that down perfect i try shooting all targets within an absurdly/unreasonable short amount of time (to add pressure) just for fun. just use your internal judgment clock. haha

(((There is also such a thing called muscle memory, the more you practice drawing your gun and aiming repeatedly, using basically the same stance (with respect to your head, arm and shoulder position, basically what you use to shoulder/aim your weapon) the more you become faster, because your muscles REMEMBER that pose. Not the exact pose but close to it.)))

this may sound more compliacted than it really is, its just an explanation, actual practice is better and more fun. oh yeah, the reason why i run to the corner is so that my body position varies, therefore kind of making me forget where the targets are to a degree. making it a little more difficult, since i can easily pick off targets with one stroke in less than a second if i stay in the corner long enough. well its a good idea to change things around so you learn to adapt.

i've read there are a lot who swear by iron sights, i'm not one of them, i guess i'm not that good. i need my RDS, its just so much quicker, making me more accurate.

Note: this drill does not in any way simulate actual field conditions. coz in the drill you know there are targets beyond the corner, and you know where they are. The drill just develops quick aiming and shooting. once mastered you'll find that your game will change, missing will no longer be that big of an issue. The game will really be who sees who first, which has been what the game really is about.

hope this helps, it helped me a lot.

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