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I have no quarrels with you sir. My only quarrel is with him. He is the scoundrel who makes it hard to get verified. His hot temperment towards me as it is mine towards him. We share a bond of unearthly vengance and unhumanly dislike. For the only thing wrong between us is that....

Small town goers (ie those in NWO, and probably most of Northern Ontario, and anywhere else in Canada isolated from civilization), it's hard to get verified with out driving a fair distance (the closest to me being in Winnipeg, which isn't quite a stone's throw). Now I'm not complaining on my behalf (although If I missed a hot deal on an Infinity or a Hi Capa in the GBB classifieds, I might complain), no, I'm not complaining for me, because I'll be back in Hamilton within the next couple months. I'm complaining about the thinly spread verifiers for all those who don't get out of shit holes like Dryden very often. I really don't have a problem with the wait, after all, it's just more time to save up those pennies.
Besides, if Airsoft were more readily available to such people, the sport might gain alot of strength, especially since up here in Northern Ontario, there are alot of nice forests and fields, and lakes and mountainous/rocky/cliffy terrain to develop playing site out of.
But I suppose thinly spread verifiers is only half that problem. Education of the sport to those responsible and trustworthy enough to handle it kind of needs to come first....

Out of Sport. Have Fun!
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