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Hey guys! so most of you know i am the idiot who hated on ken and got destroyed for it so :smack: heres my new thread on the gun and 007 airsoft ok so finally it has come after a long wait and extreme frustration however....after going through the whole waiting process i was extremely skeptical about the gun ever arriving even though many customers on the board raved about ken. However, when i finally got in contact with ken, he gave me the option of taking the refund or still shipping the gun. since i waited this long anyways, i decided to take the gun and was i ever pleased! it arrived this morning and DAMN ! KSC USP .45 Standard rocks! Ken is a great guy and if u can stand the long wait you will not be dissapointed! It feels great but i havent had a great deal of time to mess around with it so i'll get back to you guys later on this week with pics maybe a video and stuff.

However, 1 problem: i have no propane adapter or green gas! does anyone know where i can find a propane adapter for a good price? i tried ASCArmoury but its all sold out =[

ALSO, i have no idea what the hell the manual is saying does anybody have a non japanese ENGLISH version? lol. cant figure out what to even do with the gun to get the slide off and all that its all japaneeeeeese!

And lastly, is there any future upgrades i should keep in mind? and where to order them? THANKS EVERYBODY!

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