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Angry Time for a change!!!

You the member who play more than a year will understand me!! English is not my 1st language, sorry for the orthograph!!!

IT will be 3 weeks sence i tried to have my age verification!!! and still no answer from every one!!! Only Today I made 3 post to know if there was some one avalayble in the montreal area... and know respond!!! more than 10 emails have bean send to some member!!!

Just remember your first week here!! How hard it was to wait before you could buy something an have access to all those gun you could buy!!!

NO it not normal to wait that long... I am not alone... just read the new post today and you will see there a few people in the same position as me

I think it is time for a change...

ONLY the people who are scared of the evolution said no to the change!!

YES today I m GRRRRR!!!!!

IN FEW DAYS THERE WILLL BE A MATCH!!! an still not ready!!! Tomorow I will receive my sr-16 and got no gear to go with it!!!

HERE I SUPPOSE only the member who are scared of the expention of airsoft will say no to the change!!! Because there is... I READ THEM!!



I'm 38 yrs old and still waithing!!!
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