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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
Dry fire and playing dress up in you house may seem ghey, but it's very often encouraged, especially in the Real Steel world where your training level may determine if you live or die..LOL

They say train like you fight. So getting all your shit on and just drawing a few times can be a real eye opener. I don't know how many times I have seen guys try to get out the old secondary under a little pressure and COMPLETELY fuck it up (myself included). Just recently I had to move a whole bunch of shit around on my main rig (and get some of it off on a subload) because what looked good just didn't work. I couldn't draw/holster my pistol without hooking on my med kit, and having to look away from the X to get it in. The ONLY way I figured that out was DOING IT.

Add a little adrenaline, and you hands turn into flippers. Your fingers just don't work. So, if you are POSITIVE you can get that nice new 1911 out of that brand new Safariland 6004 you bought last week without any practice at all, more power to you.

But I bet there is pownage in your future..
Getting geared up is the key, but going full out in BDUs, helmet, fake riot cuffs and such is overkill. Hehe, ya, I've worn my chest rig around at home (holds about 6 beer) and wear it when arranging my gear, seeing best way to arrange MP5 and M24 slings at the same time, etc. And wearing the stuff during transistion drills in the basement because things always get in the way and it's best to work out the bugs first.
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