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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
Have you ever shot BBs through a crosswind? Have you ever noticed how a lighter BB will always stray further than a heavier BB? Now imagine those two BBs shooting straight with no crosswinds, the wind they face head on will affect the lighter BB more than the heavier BB, the same way a crosswind will affect a lighter BB more than the heavier BB. This is the explanation for the comments people have made that "we're not shooting through a vacuum."
Correct and this is due to it's momentum not it's kinetic engergy.

Also, when I meant momentum and energy have nothing to do with each other I meant it's like comparing apples to oranges. I have yet to use (or see) the energy/momentum equations combined/manipulated like that (I'm a mechanical engineering student).

The moment of inertia of a sphere is 2/5*m*R^2. Depending on how accurate and what the circumstances are, you tend not to neglect things like that. Remember, assumptions make and ass out of u and me

Note that the energy imparted to the bb is from the potential energy of the spring and is then transfered via the compressed air. Now the question is the energy transfer from the compressed air change from different bb weights (this I don't know but would guess yes) while the spring energy is always a constant.

Anyways, I forget the point I'm trying to argue or the direction this thread was supposed to be taking...
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