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Hey guys

Thank you Losttourist for your review! It s always great to see that players are using our product and they are happy with them!

Comments on what I have read so far:

1) The black box at the back can be attached pretty much whever the wire let you go. If you need a longer wire for a specific set-up we customize no problem: just let us know during the order process. The reason why we set it up for the back is mainly due to the small chances on getting hit there. By experience I have never got hit on it there and you dont feel the weight. Besides because of the on/off switch button there it s very easy to reach it backward.

2) Group order: on the website there is the wholesale price list. If you guys order 3 or more (instead of 5) I will drop the price for sure. As I said we are not looking to make gold here but still need to make the work worthwhile.

3) Double Fan (DF) works great with glasses. I have tried it wearing some myself.

4) If there is any retailer or pro-shop interested please pass the word forward. If a deals comes thru I wont forget you be assured

Thank you guys

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