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When I feel like it, I'll do either quick draw from my drop leg, unsnap, draw while moving towards one of my posts in the basement (acts like either a tree or a corner from cover) and double tap an alumimum oven sheet 20ft away (insticitve shooting, front sight about 16" from my eyes, same as I always shoot my Glocks), from both left and right side of the post, then reholster; or I'll do transition drills, I'll burst the plate with one of my MP5s, move to the pole while drawing my sidearm, double tap it from cover, both sides, reholster then do the same with a burst from my MP5 from behind cover. I might do a few cycles of either, and spend 10-20 mins for repetition sake. And I do it like I need to, fast. Now that I have a KSC Mk23, I have to relearn it all with a new system! Luckily my G19 will always be my sidearm, Mk23 is more a special purpose gun.

Aside from that, I get enough practice from playing.

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