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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
When I go deer hunting with my .308, I make 168gr (grains) bullets. When I go moose hunting, I make 220gr bullets. I use a similar amount of powder for both. I use 220gr on a moose because its bigger and you need more kinetic impact energy at the target (lungs, heart area) to inflict maximum damage and kill shock. I'm no physicist, but to me from that experience, that same thing applies to airsoft ballistics, would it not? Ie: the heavier grain bullet imparts more kinetic energy on impact...
That is true. But if the heavier grain bullet has a lesser velocity (even by a bit) it cancels the effect.

Knietic energy = (mass*veloctiy*velocity)/2

As you can see, veloctiy is squared in the relationship where as mass is not, so a slight decrease in velocity has more effect than a slight increase in mass.

However, as ILLusion said, it's only true for AEGs and Springers since they are 'constant'.

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