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Originally Posted by BBS View Post
really? isn't this just the hop-up's fault? i mean we readjust the hop-up when we use different weight BBs.
because realistically, Using the same angle of trajectory and the same amount of force, i throw a 1 pound stone first and then a 5 pound rock later, now whats going to travel farther?
That's not a very good analogy. The force used to launch those rocks is relatively small compared the their mass and the speed you could throw them at would make air resistance a non-factor.

A somewhat more extreme example would be launching one of those rocks with a catapult, then doing the same thing with a paper ball of the same size. Which will fly farther and why?

From a sniper's point of view, heavier weight bb's have an advantage over the lighter ones in that they are less affected by air resistance and air currents at long range. A lighter bb will fire farther, but a heavier one will have a flatter trajectory to target. It's of little use to fire a bb farther if it won't travel in a straight line to a distant target. That makes it very hard to properly fire an aimed shot long distance.
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