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Originally Posted by XerxesYoung View Post

But then again, if the velocity of the gun is... say 330FPS with 0.2g. That's 1Joule of Impact.

So if you use a 0.25g BB and the velocity goes down(lets say 280FPS), that's still 1 Joule of impact.

So if you use a heavier BB, and say that someone would feel the BB hit them harder, it's theoretically speaking, wrong isn't it?

I mean, it's the same impact power.
You are correct. The energy generated by a particular gun is constant; lighter BB's travel faster, heavier BB's travel slower. Impact force in joules is the same.

Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Yes, heavier BBs hit harder but travel less distance.
This is incorrect. Heavier BB's actually travel slightly farther. For example, mathematically, a 400 FPS gun will fire a 0.2g BB with hop-up a distance of 187 feet. Switching to 0.25g BB's will increase the flight distance to 198 feet.

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