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Yes, heavier BBs hit harder but travel less distance. There is a finite degree of velocity an AEG can impart which is really a function of the spring power, volume of air in the cylinder, degree of seal around the BB the barrel has, and the length of the barrel. Add to that the influence of the hopup.

Another finite factor I've found is BB weight + hopup. Depending on the velocity of the BB passing through the hopup limits the time the hopup has to have an effect, and the heavier BB takes 'more hopup' to spin the BB than a lower weight BB. The net result is I've found most stock guns top out somewhere between .28 and .36 grams where the hopup becomes ineffective - ie: dialed all the way up and the BB still drops.

So, the only way to really test it, is get different weighted BBs and line yourself up and do the Coke vs. Pepsi test and let us know the results!

I tend to accept the anecdotal evidence from people who've been shot by .20, .25 and .28 when they say the .25 and .28's hurt more than their lower weight counterparts.
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