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I agree that we need to be more strict with the purchase of airsoft weapons. We don't want a few children to screw it up for the rest of us.. If we want kids to get into airsoft (they're mature enough, they understand how to control weapons, etc.) i believe that we should get them some clearsoft.. i know, horrid words.. but pick them up a little pistol and make them show you that they understand how to use the weapon properly, that they shouldn't take it into public, etc.. we can't push kids that are around 16 away from our sport, because they are going to be the future of it.. they help to decide if the sport will continue or not.. i'm hoping they will let it continue..

as for these ww2 weapons.. i'm still on the fence.. i'm not 100% sure the quality.. but i can't wait to hear about them when Alex picks his up.. be sure to keep us posted on the progress..

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