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Originally Posted by gdidy View Post
I would like to say, that I ordered for the first time from redwolf last saturday and will not ever, ever, ever repeat the experiance. I ordered the new CA m14 match with a level 4 upgrade I was extatic just what I wanted at a great price. HA HA, no. I recieved an email from customer support about the fact that the upgrade could not be done, they offered me a refund and I accepted. That was monday, its is now friday there time and no refund. I have sent email after email as I need the money to get a weapon for this tournament, and while the Customer support department is very kind and polite, the refund department is slower then all get out.
In conclusion
Red wolf has a good page and for the most part a good staff, but for me its not worth the saving to buy anything from them for this kind of headache

You realise that your gun would have been seized by customs right? And you could have gotten into trouble with the law for importing an illegal weapon. You are lucky Redwolf made a mistake.

The general delay for getting a refund is usually a month. That's how it is with most online retailers. Nobody refunds as fast as they charge you.
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