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New to the board (An Introduction)

Hi. I just want to intoduce myself to everyone. My name is Derek, I'm 31yrs old, live in Canada and I'm an Assistant Store Manager at Wal-mart. I've used this board for information and reference for about a year or two now, but have never registered or posted. So far I've only been a collector and have not participated in any airsoft games (no games in Hamilton and no transportaion) although I do feel that they would be a lot of fun. Having not been in any games I'm sure I'm still considered a noobie, but I'm not totally inept when it comes to maintaining and working with an AEG or Gas blowback. My collection is growing and so is my knowledge of the guns. I actually just achieved a personal victory fixing my HFC M190 which I will go into greater detail about in Doctor's Corner. So you guys don't have to worry about the annoying barrage of questions like Aaahhhh I'm new, what gun do I buy or Can I order guns from the States or over seas. Well thanks for your time and I hope I'm welcomed to these boards.

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