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A&K 5000Round Box Magazine Review(Manual Winding)

Ever since a couple months ago when I saw a C-Mag type magazine for Armalite guns... I felt something special....

It's Huge
It's Buff
It's Solid

and most importantly...


But there were problems to purchase this mag.
First: Most Retailers don't have this in stock
Second: They are undoubtedly ridiculously expensive($200CDN)

so I started looking around at WGC shop and Redwolf, they did have Box magazines, they looked quite nice, and just as manly. Though, the price was still scoring "Insane" on the price meter($100USD). So I looked around... even more....

And one day I miraculously happened to discover a RIDICULOUS deal on ebay.

A&K 5000rd Box mag for M16/M4 series
$10 CDN



Seller(Has MANY more Airsoft related items for CHEAP):

So I purchased one of those, and the guy in Hong Kong(Ebay has a lot of Airsoft Accessories sold on it, especially from Hong Kong) airmailed it to me and I got it in about 1 and a half week.

When it arrived, the box that the magazine was stored in was somewhat squished and beaten.

The mag spec said:
3000 BBs in the Main Loader
2000 BBs in the Spare Loader
- They lied on this, it's actually the exact opposite. 2000 in the Main, and 3000 in the Spare.

Next, I looked at the back, it had instructions on how to disassemble the mag, and also how to use the mag

If you even bothered to read those instructions, you can see that the sentences literally doesn't make any sense at all. It was obviously made in HK and their english, atleast the company that made it, is not good. I can somewhat make sense out of the instructions but most of the time I had to figure out how to work this thing myself.

So I opened up the box and here's the mag.

How the mag works:
First I will say that there are 2 floors of platforms in the Mag. First Floor, and the Basement. Obviously the First Floor is above the Basement level. In the mag, the First floor is where the BBs are loaded from. Basement is where the Spare BBs are stored, and the BBs inside the Basement is not directly usable.

Now You put the BBs through a opening at the back which you can open/close(the opening isn't that big). And the BBs will stay on the First floor, At this point, You can just wind the Wind thing on the bottom of the mag(Which is practically same as all other hi-cap mags) and use the mag. If you want extra bullets just in case, you can open a "Hole" in the first floor by turning a knob on the back of the mag. This will cause the BBs to fall into the Basement, which, later if you run out of BBs in the First Floor, you can invert the mag and open the "Hole" again, and the BBs will transfer upstairs.

Other things to note:
-Fully plastic(pretty solid though, not bad)
-You need to literally smack the mag into the gun since most of the time it doesn't go all the way in(Looks like "I mean business" when you do it :P)

Now using the Mag, it worked just like normal High Caps, no jam, no nothing, and since it's SO DAMN huge(and has a flat bottom), You can literally use it as a Bipod.

The mag also weighs barely anything by itself, but if you do manage to fill up the whole 5000round capacity in it with 0.2g BBs, It will give you about 1.5kg of extra weight on your gun. 3000 Round will give you exactly almost 1KG. So it weighs you down quite alot. But then, more weight is Manly too

So now I will just end the review with a pic of the mag on my TM M4

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