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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Actually getting an airsoft gun these days is WAY more difficult than getting the real thing. I bought a new shotgun last weekend and the transfer took 5 minutes, and I had several models/options to chose from and walked out of the store with it. You would have to buy online for airsoft, wait for awhile if the make/model you want is not in-stock anywhere, and you can't shop for price as there is really only 1 or 2 places in all of Canada to get one anyways.

Good luck!!
I'm starting to see the difficulty in getting a model I really want.

That being said, what are the benefits and drawbacks between a metal body and a plastic body, namely CA vs. TM for the M4A1 type models.

I've read some reviews and they said a metal body is more trouble then its worth in terms of function, but for looks, metal is hands down a winner.

Just trying to pick a primary weapon right now is tough, do I go Carbine or full rifle, add all the bells and whistles or just go stock.

The combinations are endless.

Also, do those scopes really make a difference in your play and aiming?

The newbie questions are endless!
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