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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Has ASC really moved that far from that? After all, the majority of people here are raised on the flaming ASC mentality and have ran the gauntlet themselves. The response mixture towards newbies still seem predominately DIY, though there's an equal or sometimes greater part of pseudoflame ("We're charging our flaaaaame"), with the more conciliatory replies coming in last.

The "retirement" of Greylocks has certainly changed that mix, though, due to the sheer volume he could generate directly ("Read the FAQ") and perhaps even more so, indirectly ("LoLz Grey's gonna get ya"). But I think we're still keeping our 70% annual quota.

As for the "Me first" mentality, I certainly don't believe that we're obligated to help out people who post first and read later and I'm not sure some of them believe it either (ie. they're just in over their head). I do believe that it'd be a good thing if we don't piss off people who can always just turn around and smear airsoft as a whole in Canada by using clearsoft irresponsibly. That, and I know there are the occasional salvagable person among the askers.


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