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I played paintball (woodball) for 5 years. Wen I found out about airsoft, took me a month to research and go rent guns at games, then, about 2 months later, I had sold all my paintball gear and got myself a decent airsoft package. I never looked back.

Airsoft games are more team work oriented. Everything is better. Even the sound, wich most paintballer critisise, is better IMO. With the echo in the wood, the full auto bursts sound like real machine guns far far away. Some AEG sound like a cheap electric toy, but some sound really nice, like the P90.

The game is not about sound anyway. Nothing beat the feeling of shooting a steady full auto burst at 350-400fps into the bush at an ennemy position. Seeing the leafs falling off threes where the BBs are ripping trough... Mag changes, crawling and trowing grenades...

The airsoft snipers are also working more realisticly. Since the rifles are acurate and have better range, compared to paintball "snipers" wich are just a dud with a long barrel that shoot the same as other player... Airsoft snipers play a very distinct role and it work. Nothing beat taking a well placed shot in the flank of an ennemy position and having the whole line panic and flee! Snipers really have a moral effect on the ennemy!

I'm never going back to paintball, never!

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