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1: The most difference I think that there is between airsoft and paintball is the Gas tank, and the stock. In paintball, most markers don't have stocks, and most of the time, players substitue the gas tank as the stock. And that substitute doesn't work well because it's not flat surfaced(Slips off of your shoulder suddenly) and located kind of low. And the gas explosion on the markers are alot louder and exciting. In Airsoft, Springers and AEGs don't do much of a sound. And AEG is what you use most of the time.

2:Pretty much just the same. You just see ALOT of different variation of personally customized guns. Also, the bullet flies faster in Airsoft, most of the time.

3:I play both, but Airsoft being less often than paintball since I can play only at private area.

Bonus: Well, I still find it quite gay when I used my M4 for so long and then suddenly use the Gas Tank as the Stock. Throws off my aim and simply feels weird.

Another thing is the Scope addition. If you have a 2X or 3X telescopic sight at any paintball field, you get INSANE amount of advantage, and it's because the sight on most Markers just simply suck(And also the fact that most people rent their paintball markers from the field, the field I play at rents Tippman A5 with only the ironsight addition), it's like a fatter version of a M92 sight. But then you would probably spend some money zeroing in the sight first

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