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Originally Posted by Droc View Post
we clearly see they have zero interest to even attempt +18....Im with Kip, not +18, not legit.
If you aint legit, you aint shit.

The vested ASC community agreed to go +18 in the best interest of the game itself....

Riiight. Your 100% there. Its the Liberals who dont want guns in the hands of you poor, poor minors...because you know, we see all the time in the news how responsible minors are with replica guns...
Liberals and Conservatives alike will tell you that minors should not have guns. You can blame the left all you want, but the real reason minors are not allowed to have guns is because its A STUPID F*CKING IDEA!
Agreed. I'd rather wait 3 years to turn 18 than to risk seeing a shitload of immature minors getting their hands on Airsoft and getting the whole thing banned. There aren't enough responsible minors for airsoft to be allowed to be sold to minors, IMO.
What if the sky was green, the Earth was blue, and Microsoft actually did something useful?
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