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Originally Posted by -MikeL- View Post
an I don't think I'll ever need to fix bayonets or whatever overseas.
I sure as hell hope not....

for me... I used to carry on my web... the following

14 inch bladed short sword ( cause it pissed off the company commander, and actually worked very well as a clearing tool..machette )
A multi tool, and a Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife.

I still prefer the Fairbairn-Sykes and have a few of them, including a vintage one although the providence is uncertain.

Although the updated Applegate style fighting knife is quite nice.. I picked up a folder version.. and typically carry it when I am in the field now.. it's just as handy and more compact.

Though for sure... if I was still humping... I'd be carrying a 1902 vintage Artillerymans Falchion I picked up at a flea market in unissued original packing grease... what a nice little ( 20 inches long) limb loper...

But then... I'm a little enamoured of things edged... I've been teaching Western Swordsmanship for over a decade.. and practicing it over 20 years
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