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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
I have no issue with people using rubber knives... I think everyone should have one...

For me, For CQB... heck for anything... Primary... SMG or Rifle.. Secondary Pistol, holdback... knife...

I have run many scenarios at TTAC3 where knives have figured large in the outcome...

Shields are a different beast... if someone wants to use a shield ... it has to replicate the handeling and properties of a real one... meaning heavy and bullet resistant... not bullet proof... so far no one has come up with a shield that meets the criteria.
Hmmm... How about a heavy welded steel bar outer frame that supports a few layers of heavy corrugated cardboard? Unwieldy if the frame weighs as much as the real deal, and most of the covered area would be penetrated by sustained fire or particularly powerful hits. The rim would be strong enough to be rested on surfaced and dinged about, but if it's narrow enough it would offer negligible solid cover.
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