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Uncommon accoutrements to aid in game play (question about)

Hey folks

The main question I have is related to whether or not it's kosher to use prop items in airsoft to aid/enhance your airsofting experience. Like for example what's the average take on fake knives/bayonets?

I bought mine just for show reasons but I was thinking if in that rare/non rare case where you get the drop on someone and you want to be fancy about it or you ran out of battery/bb's/gas for your gun, what would be the general concensus on running your fake plastic blade accross the back of someone's arm as a means to win?

Or how about shields? I see them from time to time in game pictures while I'm chairsofting away and have always wondered what the popularity of them is like and how many times event organizers have said no or yes when people bring them out to games.

I'm sure it's been asked before but I can't find the posts about them if these questions have been asked already.

If things were such that I was at an event and someone were to "knife" me, I'd probably be cool with it myself, unless of course they wanted to pull a real dick move and jab the point into my neck whether they realized they were being an ass or not, but over all, I'd probably be cool with allowing knife props in game play.
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